Angel Card Readings/Flame Readings 











By Christine    $40.00
Tuesday-Saturday 8-5


During an Angel Card Reading you can expect to learn how the Angels can help you fulfill your purpose, receive divine guidance concerning relationships, career, finances, emotional issues and other life challenges.Christine will be channeling messages of divine guidance from your angels, guides and any loved ones in the spirit world. Then she will use her angel cards to do a past, present and future reading and to answer any further unanswered questions.

Flame messages are a way that spirit gives us messages in physical form. These are done upon request and are $25 and last approx 15 - 20 minutes...You ca also add it to a regular angel reading. Angel/Flame Reading is 45.00








Espirito Gato (Jessie) [translation: Spirit Cat]               (774-488-6997)









AT SISTERS OF SOLACE from 10am-5pm.

Born in Mexico, raised in Los Angeles and now residing in Massachusetts,
Espirito is a medium specializing in Tarot & Oracle readings. Aware from
an early age, he both understands and respects "the gift". Espirito believes
his connection to the other side stems from the bond he shares with his
deceased mother and twin. Spiritually, nature is his center and he trusts
her to keep him grounded. A lover of plants and animals, he listens to
their whispers and draws inspiration from the world around him.


You have a choice of a mediumship reading,  Crystal Ball, Tarot, Past life, Angel or Fairy reading.
All Readings are 30 min. $40.00.

**Also Now Available...Tea Leaf Readings...45 Min $55. And
Water Scrying Readings...45 min $55

Call to make appointment, but walk ins are welcome. 508-636-4668

Phone, Facetime, Skype Readings,  Mediumship Galleries, and House Parties are also available,

please call Espirito/Corvus directly to set up......774-488-6997



Readings with Corvus Elderune every Tuesday-Saturday...10am-5pm      (774-488-6997)







Crystal Castings with Corvus Elderune. A unique reading designed to offer clarity, guidance & insight, further reinforced by the positive energy & good vibrations of crystals.


Rune Castings with Corvus Elderune. A unique reading designed to offer clarity, guidance and insight through the mysterious & wondrous Elder Futhark Runes.


Readings are 30 min $40

 Sacred Geometry Readings with Corvus...Divine insight from the "Language of Light"

This spread is ideal for those about to begin a new chapter in life...perfect for New Years as well. It brings insight to one's strengths, and the challenges that lie ahead. It also offers guidance on how to cultivate & grow beyond your current "perceived" limitations.

30 Minutes...$40


 Metal Castings with Corvus

Rediscover the ancient art of Molybdomancy; peer into the year ahead with a unique reading that uses molten metal as a tool for divination. Heat your selected piece of metal. Cast the molten metal into cold water. And see what message(s) are revealed through the newly formed shapes & shadows.

Sessions are $55 for 45-minutes, and include the metal piece for casting - yours to keep as a souvenir following the reading.



Tarot Card Readings & Past Life Readings

                                             JODIE WILL BE HERE AT SISTERS JUNE 27...10am-4pm, Call Us to book                                                     your reading with her...508-636-4668



                                           Jodie does do Readings at her home office by appointment only, give 


                                           her a call at 774-263-9023. She also does Home Parties. Please check for a                                               date with us here at Sisters Before calling her. 



By Jodie
$40.00 for 30 minutes
By Appointment Only......On Select Dates (from 10-4) Check Calendar Of Events for Dates

My name is Jodie Camara and I am the 4th generation of healers and readers. I have been fortunate to be able to grow into my
abilities from the time I was a child with the love and support of my family. At the very beginning I was strictly known as a card reader and I have been fortunate to have been reading cards for over 20 years. However, during this time frame my journey was leading down a path less traveled without even my knowledge and I am grateful for it everyday. My journey became intensified after struggling with migraines for years. I was determined to not be reliant on the medication and heal myself a natural way that worked for me. In my discovery process I rekindled a passion for the education of the healing arts, holistic work and many other modalities that had been long buried within me. Education is a strong component in my life and I am continuing to grow and learn so I can have the ability to help and work with others. Since this time I have become a Certified Yoga Instructor,Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Crystal Vibrational Integrative Therapy, Crystal Healings, Meditation Therapist and many other modalities. Healing, helping and education are passions I love to share with others. Being able to help others find balance and heal the mind, body and spirit is a gift that I am honored to share with everyone.
If you cannot make this date but would like a reading with Jodie, please call Sisters at 508-636-4668 to be placed on the waiting list.


Check the Classes and Events for special events with other psychics and mediums,

like Roland Comtois, Espirito Gato & Jodie (Tarot)




Angel Guidance Readings VIA Phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom.

E-Mail To Book

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